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About Us

Kanact is changing the face of media with 100 Channels reaching out to 160 democratic countries with their local content in 10 languages, providing unbiased news, views, entertainment and information content. Kanact media is a platform designed to operate without any discrimination to nationalities, religions, ethnicities and business interests.


Our vision is to provide truth to the world without any personal bias, promoting friendship and harmony amongst the nations.

The global population numbers have reached 8 billion. Human Society needs to unite in their fight against hunger, diseases, wars, poverty and illiteracy.


The mission of Kanact media is to reach out to the masses globally and become a voice that people trust providing news, views, facts, entertainment, education and information. We are establishing Digital Video Channels that will reach every human on earth through satellites, smart phones, cables, set top boxes and other means of communications.


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